Introducing tonlé Featured Retailer: Penelope's

 Founded by a husband-and-wife duo in 2002, Penelope’s is an easygoing Chicago neighborhood boutique offering a curated selection of labels for men, women, and kids. They are all about accessible, everyday style with an emphasis on quality construction, smart design, great colors, and fun prints.

As we continue our series highlighting tonlé featured retailers who have gone above and beyond in showing up for us this spring despite covid related challenges- we invite you to join us in getting to know, Penelope's!

tonlé featured retailer Penelope's storefront in Chicago, IL

tonlé's handwoven Chanlina Jacket is featured here in a beautiful window display of russet and peach at Penelope's in Chicago's Wicker Park area. Image: @ShopPenelopes

Fast Facts

Business Name- Penelope's

Location- 1913 W. Division St, Chicago IL

Follow Along- IG @shoppenelopes, FBK @PenelopesChicago

Learn More-

Digging In- About the Business

Can you tell us a bit about what makes your shop unique?

Penelope’s has been providing a diverse offering of clothing, home goods and accessories to the Wicker Park/Ukranian Village area of Chicago for nearly 20 years, making it a true neighborhood staple. Whether shopping with us in-store or online, we champion a welcoming atmosphere and personal connection with our customers and designers alike. Our hope is that everyone can leave Penelope’s with something meaningful they love and a smile on their face!

Why is buying ethical or environmentally responsible products important to you?

Building a loving, nurturing and sustainable relationship with our earth is so important to the long term health and happiness of everyone and we hope for a rehabilitated planet that our children can be proud of. A great first step in living a more nurturing and sustainable life is knowing how and where your goods are made, and purchasing with more intention vs. mass consumption.

Inside view of tonlé featured retailer Penelope's in Wicker Park, Chicago

"A great first step in living a more nurturing and sustainable life is knowing how and where your goods are made, and purchasing with more intention vs. mass consumption." - Jena, co-owner of Penelope's Image: @ShopPenelopes

What do you or your customers love about tonlé?

It is an incredibly personal experience each time you interact with a tonlé garment. They encourage you to stop and admire the texture and unique details of each individual weave or print of their fabrics and feel connected with the talented creator whose name is signed on their inner tag.

Which piece from our new collection are you most excited to receive?

We are so excited about the entire collection but our top pick would have to be the Sea Glass Applique Tank! It is such a fun, new take on a graphic print and can be easily layered for a variety of looks and occasions.

Where have you been finding inspiration as you curate your spring/summer selections?

Comfort and versatility are key words in a post Covid world. We all want clothing that accommodates an ever changing schedule and that is meant to be lived in!

Anything you'd like to share that's been bringing you joy this season?

We have been finding so much joy in community this season more than ever. Covid has really taught us all just how valuable human connection and communal support is to our mental health and well being, so finally being able to connect with our friends, neighbors and customers safely in-person again has been an incredible source of joy and inspiration. 

Thanks so much to Jena, Joe, and the team at Penelope's for sharing with us this spring. We look forward to seeing new pieces from our collection arriving in store, very soon!

Inside display at tonlé featured retailer, Penelope's in Chicago

Penelope's collection includes both locally and internationally made garments for men, women, and children with quality construction combined with great color and fun prints. Image: @ShopPenelopes

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