Introducing tonlé Featured Retailer: Ecodessa

This week we're delighted to introduce tonlé featured retailer, Ecodessa (previously Shop Gypsy Freedom), as they celebrate their one year anniversary as a sustainable fashion boutique in Syracuse, NY.

In her career as a mechanical engineer, Ecodessa owner, Caeresa Richardson saw the damaging effects traditional manufacturing practices have on the environment. This awareness prompted a personal lifestyle shift which led to a search for ethical brands combining both feminine and modern looks. She created Ecodessa to unite style and awareness by offering women a way to express their social values through their personal style. 

Caeresa Richardson, owner of tonlé featured retailer Ecodessa

Owner Caeresa Richardson created Ecodessa to unite style and awareness, making them accessible for the everyday woman. Here she's wearing tonlé's Dara midi skirt in grey crepe. Image: @ShopEcodessa


Business Name- Ecodessa
Business Address- 312 S. Salina St. Syracuse, NY 13202 
Business Owner- Caeresa Richardson 
Follow Along- @shopecodessa 
Learn More- 


Just in brief can you tell us a bit about your shop- what makes it unique?

Ecodessa is a retail company committed to elevating purpose driven sustainable fashion brands. We help women support brands that align with their values by offering a diverse mixture of women's clothing, accessories, and gift items from the best sustainable fashion brands.

What is your personal or business mission? 

Our mission is to empower women to support and elevate brands that align with their values. 

Why is buying ethical or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

At Ecodessa we believe that sustainability is the respect of all things and beings. In order to truly respect ourselves, our environment, and humanity as a whole it's important that we make a conscious decision to produce and purchase ethical and environmentally responsible products. By doing this, we cast a vote with our hard earned dollars in support of the personal values that we hold dear. 

Interior of tonlé featured retailer Ecodessa, a sustainable fashion boutique

In addition to garments for every occasion, Ecodessa offers conciously sourced accessories, home goods and body products in store and online. Image: @ShopEcodessa

What do you or your customers love about tonlé? 

Our customers at Ecodessa appreciate that tonlé is a leader in the sustainable fashion industry and that their founder Rachel Faller fully embodies their values. We very much appreciate the celebration of tonlé artisans that is shown with each signature on the garment tags, as well as the beautiful designs made from recycled fabrics. 

Which piece from our new collection are you most excited to receive?

I am most excited about the Dara Jumpsuit. The design is a great blend of comfort, function, and style. It 's going to be a great piece to pair with jackets and belts throughout the year.

Ecodessa owner Caeresa Richardson

In her career as a mechanical engineer, owner Caeresa saw the damaging effects that traditional manufacturing practices have on the environment. This awareness prompted a personal lifestyle shift which inspired her to two passions- engineering and fashion- to create a community of stylish, conscious shoppers. Image: @ShopEcodessa

Where have you been finding inspiration as you curate your spring selection?

Ecodessa's spring and summer is really pulling from a place of function, comfort, and diversity. I have been working closely with each of my brands to incorporate styles that are on trend but also classic so that when my shop with us they know that they are making a great investment that will live in their closet for many years.  

Amidst trying times we continue channeling joy! We'd love to hear what's bringing you joy this season if there's anything you'd like to share.

This year Ecodessa will celebrate our 1 year anniversary and we are doing so in a very celebratory way including a refresh of our branding, website, and in store collections. 

We've so enjoyed getting to learn more about the Ecodessa community as they celebrate their one year anniversary. We also appreciate their partnership this spring. If you missed the 6/10 Instagram live conversation between tonlé co-creator Rachel Faller and Ecodessa owner Caeresa on the topic of "humanity and transparency in the fashion industry", stop by their Instagram to give it a listen!

tonlé featured retailer Ecodessa located in Syracruse, NY

Ecodessa offers sustainable brands that embody at least one, but preferably all three, of their core values: sustainable textiles, ethical and humane production practices, and social consciousness. Image: @ShopEcodessa

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