Introducing tonlé Featured Retailer: Spoils of Wear

We're fortunate to partner with many like-minded stockists who share our passion for creating fashion justice through the products they choose to carry in their retail spaces. This week as we continue our series highlighting tonlé featured retailers who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our team this spring, we're featuring Spoils of Wear, a St. Paul, MN boutique offering a beautiful mix of ethical, sustainable, and locally handcrafted goods.⁠ ⁠

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Jill and the team as much as we have!

tonlé featured retailer Spoils of Wear, a sustainable boutique

 Shop image @spoilsofwear +  image of the tonlé hand painted t-shirt dress in oatmeal by Chloe Jackman Photos


Fast Facts

Business Name- Spoils of Wear

Location- 1566 Selby Ave., St. Paul MN 55104

Owner- Jill Erickson

Follow Along- @spoilsofwear    

Learn More- 

hand painted zero waste pieces from tonlé featured at sustainable boutique Spoils of Wear

Hand painted pieces from tonlé's spring collection are featured here with other ethical, sustainable and locally made pieces offered at Spoils of Wear.  Image: @spoilsofwear

Digging In- About the Business

Can you share a little about what makes your shop unique? 
Spoils of Wear is full of ethically/sustainably/locally made things!  We're community driven with an emphasis on FUN.

    What is your personal or business mission? 

    Our mission is simply to offer a fun shopping experience while supporting both responsible brands as well as our local community.

      Why is buying ethical or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

      It just makes sense.  There are so many small, conscious brands out there - so the question to me isn't "why do it this way?", it's "why NOT do it this way?".  I believe in our collective responsibility to our fellow humans and Mother Nature.  I also believe in our collective purchasing power.  Better options simply need to be supported and accessible to more people.  My store is one small vehicle to do that.

        Jill from tonlé featured retailer Spoils of Wear showcasing our zero waste Priya sweater

        tonlé's textured, zero waste amara vest on display at Spoils of Wear + Owner Jill wearing the zero waste handwoven priya sweater. Images: @spoilsofwear

        "I really see tonlé as wearable art, more so than many other brands in the sustainable/ethical fashion space.  It's obvious the care that goes into the creation of every piece - right down to the tags that feature the name of the person who made the item." -Jill, Owner of Spoils of Wear

        Which piece from our new zero waste collection are you most excited to receive?

        I'm really excited about the NY Shorts + Chaya Tank combo! The print is unique and modern. Separates that can be worn to look like a romper are so fun and practical.

          Where have you been finding inspiration as you curate your sustainable spring selection? 

          This Spring - as always, but even more so this year. - I'm finding inspiration with all the small brands, artists, and shops I find on instagram or when I'm out and about in various communities.  We're all rising from the ashes of the past year and I see these visionaries growing in boldness, not letting the status quo dictate what we create and show to the world.  It manifests in every way, including how our collections stylistically evolve.

            Amidst trying times we continue channeling joy! We'd love to hear what's bringing you joy this season if there's anything you'd like to share.

            I'm so happy to announce I opened a shoe store with my business bestie from Teeny Bee Boutique!  It's called Leo Footwear and it's right down the sidewalk from our other stores.  Bringing another small business to our neighborhood in the midst of so much tragedy has been a bright spot.  And of course, my little family = husband + 2 pups...we bought a hybrid vehicle in January 2020 and had no idea how much time we would spend driving around together, listening to podcasts, anytime we're feeling stir crazy.  Puppy snuggles and heated seats bring me joy! 
              tonlé's Khema Dress in dusty blue at Spoils of Wear, a sustainable boutique in St. Paul

              Spoils of Wear has some of the best dressed mannequins around! Discover new outfit inspo, like tonlé's blue long sleeved khema dress, over on their Instagram: @spoilsofwear

              Our gratitude to the team at Spoils of Wear for being a part of our extended community.

              Hearing our own passion and commitment to reimagining this industry reflected back to us from customers is deeply encouraging. We're also excited to see how the fun accessories at Leo’s Footwear combine with our new collection! Thanks to Jill for taking the time to share.

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