Introducing tonlé Featured Retailer: Terra Shepherd

With Plastic Free July around the corner, we're excited to be introducing tonlé featured retailer, Terra Shepherd Boutique. This boutique and apothecary is near and dear to our hearts not only for their fabulous sense of style, but also for the thought and intention that goes into offering their customers a product mix in which beauty, process, and environmental impact carry equal weight. 

Beyond offering an inclusive selection of slow fashion garments and accessories, Terra Shepherd also carries a range of zero waste home goods to help make sustainable lifestyle choices more accessible and approachable for their community. Thanks to Sara for sharing a little of the inspiration behind her business with us here!

Sara, the owner of tonlé featured retailer Terra Shepherd in top of her shop
Sara created Terra Shepherd Boutique + Apothecary to take some of the legwork out of helping customers find beautiful products that align with their values. Image: @terrashepherdboutique


Business Name- Terra Shepherd Boutique

Location- 218 S. Philips Ave, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Owner- Sara Jamison

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    Can you tell us about the initial inspiration behind Terra Shepherd?

      Terra Shepherd evolved from a belief that consumers deserve to expect more from the products they purchase, including fair wages and safe working conditions for the individuals who create these products, sustainable production practices, and products made without harmful chemicals. We should not have to sacrifice style to honor these values.

      The world of ethical and sustainable goods can be difficult to navigate. My goal is to take some of the legwork out of finding beautiful products that align with your values.

      zero waste tonlé pieces in Terra Shepherd boutique and apothecary

      In selecting product, Sara takes into account sustainability of materials used, the manner in which materials are sourced, production processes, ingredients used, the observance of fair trade practices, and product packaging. On display here are several pieces from tonlé's zero waste, spring collection: the Sea Glass Applique Dress, Jorani Pants, and Keang Top. Image: @terrashepherdboutique

       Does your business have a specific mission? 

      We believe in doing retail differently and have sourced all of the goods in the shop with sustainability and ethical production in mind. Our team loves to connect our customers to the people behind the things they purchase while encouraging them to make small changes and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. We view our relationships between our shop, our brands, and our customers all as partnerships, and we work to ensure that we honor the unique needs of everyone involved.

       Why is buying ethical or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

      It's an opportunity to invest in companies and individuals who align with my values and support the work they are doing.

       What do you or your customers love about tonlé? 

      Our team and customers adore tonlé! The unique and versatile designs, zero waste production, comfort, connection to the makers, and commitment to creating a more equitable fashion industry are all reason why our team and customers love tonlé.

      @wanderernicole modeling tonlé x plant kween in collaboration with Terra Shepherd Boutique

      Terra Shepherd purchases many of our garments in the full size run available, through 3X. This is a choice they make to offer a more inclusive selection to their community.  They also partner with plus-size advocates like Nicole to create body positive content for their online platforms. Image: @terrashepherdboutique with @wanderernicole. Nicole is wearing the Skylar Skirt and Soma Sweater from the tonlé x Plant Kween collection.

       Which piece from our new collection are you most excited to receive?

      How do I choose just one?! If I had to choose, I think it would be the Davi T-shirt. It's a sophisticated take on a regular tee with the exposed seam or beautiful prints and oversized fit. I am excited to dress it up and wear it for everyday!

       Could you talk about some of the ways in which your eco-mindset goes beyond the products you offer?

      We really like to focus on small changes in the everyday workings of the business! Our online customers receive orders in reused packages and packing materials from our incoming orders and we use recycled bags made from 100% post consumer waste in the shop. We also encourage folks to choose emailed receipts over printed copies; purchase second hand fixtures and display pieces; and use reusable and refillable cleaning supplies to name a few of our everyday efforts. 

      Terra Shepherd offers zero waste and other sustainable home and living options to their customers.

      Terra Shepherd offers refillable and other zero waste home and wellness products to help make sustainability accessible to members of their community. Image: @terrashepherdboutique

      Going into Plastic Free July, we'd love if you could share a couple of your favorite ways to reduce consumption of single-use plastic for readers new to the idea. 

      We love that our refillable and other zero waste home and wellness offerings help make sustainability accessible to folks who may not be ready to dive into the world of sustainable fashion! To reduce consumption of single-use plastics, we encourage folks to start with a single swap that feels sustainable and easy to them. Some of my favorite recommendations are our beautiful handmade bar soaps, zero waste dental floss, reusable UNpaper towels, and our reusable cotton swab alternative. They are tiny swaps, but they are items we use daily - just think of the amount of waste saved over the course of a year and beyond! 

      Thanks so much to Sara for taking the time to share with us! We also want to express our deep appreciation to the entire Terra Shepherd team for bearing with us through changing ship dates and product arrivals in recent months due to covid-related production delays this spring. If you're a social user, we're always encouraged and informed by their posts and definitely recommend following along here. Terra Shepherd also has a fantastic selection of garments on e-commerce from tonlé in addition to other sustainable brands if there's anything you need for your summer wardrobe.
      Members of the Terra Shepherd community in front of the shop.
      Sara (center) and other members of the Terra Shepherd staff and community wearing sustainable looks from the shop- including several tonlé pieces!

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