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Let’s be honest: sometimes we love a piece of clothing, but after time we move on.

Maybe it doesn’t fit the way it once did, maybe our lifestyle has changed, maybe we’ve just moved on from the style. The garment, once in heavy rotation, gets cast to the back of the closet. When a friend comes over, we’ll open up our wardrobe to them and encourage them to try on these pieces, with the hopes that they’ll feel as great in the clothing as we did. We love it when they adopt favorite pieces, and style these in their own signature way. 

We had this practice in mind when developing our resale platform, open closet. 

Here, at tonlé, we think of all our community members as friends, and with our new resale platform for pre-worn clothing, we’re all able to share our wardrobes with one another. This is a place where you can purchase pre-loved tonlé clothing and accessories to bring them into your own style rotation. Each piece is carefully cleaned, repaired or reimagined if needed, and any marks of previous wear are noted in the product description. 

This is one way we’re working to contribute to a circular fashion system. 

All of our clothing and accessories at tonlé are made from reclaimed textiles that we’re diverting from landfills. open closet is a way to extend the life of those finished garments, and prevent them from ending up in a landfill, or undermining another economy when they hit the donation bin. So, join us as we create a sustainable fashion future together: buy a pre-loved piece or trade in some of your own tonlé clothing. Welcome to open closet.

Looking to trade in your tonlé items on open closet? Get started here.

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open closet FAQ

Why should I shop tonlé open closet?

Shopping resale reduces the amount of new clothing in circulation, and that lightens the environmental footprint of your wardrobe. We all have different needs for what we wear: we might be searching for a special occasion look, trying out a trend, or in need of a basic piece. By  shopping pre-worn first, we’re building our wardrobe with minimal environmental impact. 

Since all of tonlé’s pieces are already made from reclaimed textiles, by shopping secondhand tonlé, you’re helping us keep perfectly useable textile from going to the landfill, making that clothing a piece that is effectively recycled twice (or three times or more) in our circular fashion system.  

How do I shop on open closet?

tonlé open closet pieces are integrated into, rather than being a separate website. This is just our next step in moving towards being a more circular business. You can shop tonlé open closet items and purchase them online the same way you would any of our products. 

I have tonlé pieces I no longer wear and want to sell on open closet. How do I trade them in?

Great! We’re so glad you want to open your closet to the tonlé community. First, fill out this form with details about your pieces, and we’ll send you a mailing label so you can send them to us. To protect our team, we ask that you clean your clothing before sending it to us, and don’t forget to check the pockets! Once we receive your clothing, we’ll check the quality, then send a note to you about how we’ll value each piece, and the amount of points you’ll get to use towards new, or new-to-you, tonlé pieces. Then, garments are cleaned and minor repairs are done if needed. We’ll photograph the clothes and put them up for resale on open closet. 

How much will I get for my pre-loved tonlé clothing?

When you trade in a product, you will earn points which can be converted into tonlé gift cards through our rewards program: tonlé activists. Just click the gift icon at the bottom left corner of to see how many points you have and redeem them for a code to be applied to your next order.

How do you determine the price of clothing on open closet? 

We price clothes according to the condition they are in, at a set percentage from their original retail value. Those who trade in their clothing receive a set percentage of that amount in points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Here is our pricing breakdown:

  • A rarely worn garment has seen just a few wears and is in the same condition as it was when made. These are sold on open closet at 60% of the original retail price, and 40% of the price goes to the garment’s initial owner. 
  • A gently loved piece has been worn several times, but is still in great condition. These are sold on open closet at 45% of the original retail price, and 30% of the price goes to the garment’s initial owner. 
  • A well worn garment has been worn frequently and is showing signs of wear, but is still in good condition. These are sold on open closet at 35% of the original retail price, and 25% of the price goes to the initial owner. 
  • A damaged garment has some kind of visible damage, such as holes, stains, or tears, and can use a little care an repair. We’ll repair the item, if possible, or we may reimagine it into a different garment entirely. For these pieces, the initial owner will receive 15% of the original retail price, and we’ll set a price for the repaired or reimagined garment according to the amount of labor that has gone into repairing or recreating it. 

Are my pre-loved tonlé pieces on consignment? Will I not get points until someone buys them?

tonlé open closet is a resale platform, not a consignment program. We consider anyone who sends their pre-worn clothing in to be a tonlé activist, and award them points towards a tonlé gift card through the tonlé activist program, which you can learn more about here.   

If my pieces are not accepted to be resold, will you send them back?

Please send us only the tonlé pieces that you are ready to part with. If some of the clothing you send cannot be resold in its current condition, we may reimagine and reconstruct it into a different garment. If it's not possible for us to do that, we’ll responsibly recycle that piece. 

What if an open closet piece doesn’t fit me or I don’t like it? Can I return or exchange it?

We want all of our clothing to be loved and worn. If something is not working for you, reach out to us, and we’ll work to resolve it. Clothing purchased on open closet can be returned for store credit for another tonlé piece that does work for you. 

Can I trade back in to open closet a piece that I bought on the platform?

Yes, please do! We encourage this practice, it brings us joy to know another chapter is being opened in the life of a treasured tonlé piece. 

So, open closet sounds like it’s selling secondhand clothes. Why aren’t you using that word?

We have chosen to call this platform open closet because our clothes, and the textiles that they are made from, have had, and will continue to have (we hope!) multiple lives. Our products are already made from pre-consumer waste, so in some ways they are not “new” to begin with. So the word secondhand doesn’t really cover the truly circular nature of what we are describing with open closet.  

Can I get Covid-19 from buying pre-worn clothes?

There is no evidence that Covid-19 particles can attach to fabric (more on that here), and there have been no confirmed cases of Covid-19 being contracted through packages or other delivered goods. After quarantining a piece for three days, we wash all of the pieces that come in, and steam them out at a high enough temperature to kill any germs. Covid-19 precautions are taken by our employees during all shipping and handling processes. Read more about how we’re protecting our team and our community here.