We’ve been thinking of starting a brand ambassador program for a while. Our community supports us in so many ways and is vital to our work – from purchasing pieces to sharing about our mission and more – and we want to thank you for that. What we do goes beyond promoting nice clothing – we are making change in the fashion industry – and providing resources and inspiration for others. This doesn’t always help our bottom line – but we believe that what is good for our planet and her people is good for all of us.

So instead of a brand ambassador program, we’re creating a tonlé activist community – to give you tonlé credit for taking everyday actions to heal the earth and rectify social injustice. To redeem credit, tonlé activists can participate in monthly calls-to-action created by our team and community. We are working on quantifying the impact of the actions taken by our community – so that you can see your impact. So many of you are already doing important work – and through this program we seek to show gratitude, amplify these messages, and encourage others to take part. tonlé activists will also receive credit for actions that promote tonlé’s work – including social shares and reviews, because we also consider that support an act of resistance – we are changing the fashion industry, together, from the inside out. When you support tonlé, whether it be through purchasing a product, helping share about our mission and products, or ensuring a better future for our planet and her people – you’re part of our community of activists who seek change and are taking steps to get there. Learn more and sign up here.


1. Refer a friend using your unique referral id (click the gift icon in the bottom right corner of our site.) 

2. trade in previously loved tonlé items on open closet.

3. make a purchase: for each $1 spent you earn 1 point (effectively 10% off your next purchase - this is tracked automatically.) 

4. write a review or post about us on social media 

5. Participate in a monthly challenge. More coming soon! 

Already a part of our program? Track your actions here.