Welcome to open closet: tonlé’s circular fashion resale program

For a long time, we’ve been working on creating a space where our pieces could have new chapters in their lives, and we are so excited to announce the launch of our circular fashion resale platform: open closet. 

When we created open closet, we were thinking about the joy that we feel when we share clothing that we love with our friends. In this spirit, we welcome you, as a part of the tonlé community, to share your wardrobe on open closet.

Learn more about this program, or start the process to trade in your pre-loved tonlé pieces here. 

All tonlé pieces are made from reclaimed textiles to begin with, and we hope that the beautiful garments we’ve made from the material that other mass fashion factories consider waste will be loved and worn as long as possible. But we know that sometimes, our tastes change, our bodies change, our lifestyles change, and a piece is just no longer worn. With open closet, we’re working to keep our finished garments out of landfills, as we envision a future where no textiles are treated like trash. When you trade in your tonlé threads, or buy a new-to-you tonlé piece on open closet, you’re helping us create a circular fashion system, and effectively reclaiming and recycling that material a second time (or a third time and beyond). 

Although historically textiles were considered precious because they were costly to make, with the development of synthetic textiles and mass-manufacturing, garments have become so cheap, and the prices of clothing are so low, that pieces are easily discarded. The contemporary fashion system is built on the idea of planned obsolescence through the performance of excessive consumption: once a garment is worn—for a season, for an event, for a photograph—it cannot be worn again. 

To change this, we need to change the narratives around what it means to get dressed and what fashion means in our culture. We believe that a garment which is loved and cherished and worn again and again is instilled with value. 

We hope you’ll join us as we work towards creating a circular fashion ecosystem, by shopping pre-loved pieces on tonlé open closet, and trading in your pre-worn tonlé threads again and again

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