Sustainability as an art form

Last month we had the pleasure of working with Eunice and Ariadne on a shoot, featuring jewelry by Mulxiply. We spoke to Eunice about her inspiration behind these images; below are her words and images, featuring poems by Nayyirah Waheed. 


'be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.'
-the becoming /wing -  Nayyirah Waheed


woman dancing with a peacock feather wearing a sustainable dress



Manifestations work.

Rachel: March, 14th 2020,  I wrote on my collaboration wishlist the word ‘tonlé ’. Behind the beautiful garments, are the values, is a woman whose constant fight for a more equitable industry is inspiring. tonlé embodies what I’ve looking for four years: an ethical fashion brand that is actually ethical.

May 13th, Rachel sends me a DM to schedule a chat for a possible collaboration.

July 23rd, dreams come true.



Woman dancing wearing chocolate drawstring pants with greenery and a pink wall


Soul struck.

Aria: I met Ariadne through the phone. As soon as I heard her voice, I fell in love.

It was early this summer, and I was trying to understand how photography could be a vessel of deep thinking in ethical fashion. A friend of mine suggested I spoke with Aria, so we set up a phone call, and it was as if I was swimming in a sea of light. I had to meet her. I followed her on Instagram only to discover how inspiring her dance was I had to meet her and document her power.


woman dancing wearing a light tan naturally dyed and handwoven dress in front of a blue sky


Ethics draws art

Tanja: Meeting Tanja came through Rachel. I am always looking for brands that represent something beyond aesthetics and Mulxiply is that. Tanja’s forwardness and openness gave me the extra boost to dive into my creativity wholeheartedly.

The idea behind the shoot was to create a visual exploration of sustainability as an art form. Dance and photography were the mediums.


dual image of a woman wearing a red and palm dresses dancing amoung trees


Since I had never photographed someone dancing, I trusted Aria and our intuitions to create something together, and it worked. Aria is poetic, tonlé's clothes are poetic, Mulxiply's jewelry is poetic. There were moments I had to hold back my tears. What Aria does is so evocative and powerful I can only feel humbled and grateful for having had a chance to witness it.


A woman in a diptych image wearing a handknit teal poncho in front of a yellow wall in the sunlight

'i love myself.'
-ism,  Nayyirah Waheed


Woman standing in front of a blue sky and white wall dancing, wearing a royal blue loose cut sustainable top and pants

To learn more about Eunice's incredible work, please visit her site at

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