tonlé's Holiday Collection Created with Cami + Ren

tonlé's 2021 holiday collection was created in collaboration with Cami Zea (@zeaink) and Ren Fernández-Kim (@corpusren) out of a shared appreciation for creativity, community, and comfortability. ren and jules wearing zero waste pieces from tonlés 2021 holiday collection

Ren models the Cami Ren Dress in Squiggles from the tonlé holiday collection, Jules is wearing the same silhouette in Dots. Images: @chloejackmanphotography

Inspired by a more eco-friendly, zero-waste, and inclusive mindset, this collection makes fashion a tool to make space for adaptability and inclusivity for all bodies, hoping to cater to all people of all sizes and genders. The goal is to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of everyone, while also uplifting and creating safe and comfortable communities. We want the clothes to reflect that. Something that makes you feel safe, seen, and sustainable. 

Brought together by historian, educator, and influencer Blair Imani- Cami and Ren work together to make the world a little bit better by creating uplifting content to ensure that the people entering their space feel seen and safe. What better way than providing educational and heartfelt messages to encourage you to do and be better?Kyree in cream fleece zero waste sweatsuit from our holiday collaboration with cami and ren

Kyree models the new cozy sweatshirt with matching sweatpants and bucket hat in cream fleece. All images were shot with friend and collaborator Chloe Jackman Photography at her studio in San Francisco.

Working with tonlé aligns with Cami and Ren’s values as they both feel that people have the capability to change the world and make a difference through intentional action. Like Blair often says “Learning is a Blessing”; a message that Cami and Ren carry with them as they continue to uplift their communities. So in learning more about tonlé’s zero-waste and community care-based approach, Cami and Ren have been so excited to work with the tonlé team to create clothing pieces that express these feelings.

Clothes that feel good and ARE good. distinctive designs and lettering in this collection created by @zeaink

 Artist and illustrator Cami Zea created the bold prints + lettering featured in this collection in combination with the signature silhouettes and phrases inspired by Blair such as "learning is a blessing." Images: @chloejackmanphotography

group shot featuring models wearing the cami and ren collectionWe're grateful for all the creative talents that came together as part of this collection. Shoutout to Jules, Kyree and Manpreet for modeling- to the team in Cambodia for all of their work producing these new pieces, to Bernie for working with us to grade these garments outside the gender binary, and again our thanks to photographer Chloe Jackman for this joyful shoot.

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