Featuring Poet and Artist, Bobby Sanchez Music

Bobby Sanchez wearing tonlé's zero waste mock neck dress in plum

A new garment for AW21 Bobby is wearing the mock neck dress in size small. Photo: @lookingdownthelensofacamera


We're thrilled to have trans and two-spirit poet, model, musician and painter Bobby Sanchez modeling classic zero waste pieces from tonlé's fall collection. 

As an artist and activist we're honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Bobby in this way, and to share one of their poems here, with their permission. We invite you to continue learning from them on tiktok or instagram and consider supporting their work through venmo (@bobbysanchezmusic) as they advocate on behalf of Indigenous makers, water protectors and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

musician Bobby Sanchez wearing tonlé's Emily Dress in small

The Emily Dress is a capsule wardrobe classic made from reclaimed jersey, easy to layer and style in a beautifully basic black. Photo: @lookingdownthelensofacamera

Ancient Identity, by Bobby Sanchez

this identity predates colonization

this identity predates 1492⁠

this identity predates the birth of christ⁠

it has and will always exist⁠

this identity is ancient⁠

trans non-binary two-spirit⁠

these are new words of a western language⁠

associated with identities that predate that language⁠

it is an ancient identity⁠

the lgbtq movement didn’t start in the 60s⁠

it started in ancient times⁠ I'm talking ancient like⁠

chuqui chinchay⁠ kachcaniraqmi qari warmi⁠

jaguar androgynous deity channeling

masculine feminine energy channeling medicine⁠

I am not a third gender- I am the fourth fifth sixth entity⁠

so I will not conform to western identities⁠ we are the descendents of indigenous peoples⁠

we are more than just Machu Picchu ⁠

our identities cannot be summed up by lgbtq⁠

two-spirit one body let this poem teach you⁠

homophobia transphobia this hate cannot destroy⁠

an identity that is ancient.


Thank you Bobby for this opportunity and for sharing your talent with the world!

Bobby wearing tonlé's zero waste mandy jumpsuit in plum

A tonlé bestseller, the Mandy jumpsuit is back this fall in a beautiful new plum with the popular canyon print carrying over from summer. Worn here in size small.  Photo: @lookingdownthelensofacamera

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