The Sunset
Last month we had the pleasure of collaborating on a shoot with the gorgeous and ever-so-kind Laura Madden, before she whisked off to Arizona. We're going to miss her in San Francisco and all her amazing contributions to support the ethical fashion industry here in the Bay Area - But she's sure to make an impact and a splash wherever she goes so be sure to read along at:

We chose to shoot in San Francisco's Sunset neighborhood, where sea meets city and and cheery colors abound. We see tonlé's signature style as a quirky union of beach clothes that you can wear to the office, and the Sunset as the neighborhood that boldly embodies that style. 

All photos by our talented friend Giuliano Manno

left: kampot skirt with cirque top and srey cardigan
right: basic kaftan in natural indigo 
basic kaftan in natural indigo
left: mealea dress in slate grey with sol triangle tote and sokpriya necklace
handknit maleng top in granite with chloe trousers in grey (coming soon)
left: color block top with sokpriya necklace and chloe trousers in grey (coming soon) 
right: kampot skirt with cirque top and srey cardigan
January 04, 2018 by Rachel Faller



Sally said:

I saw a story of your business on Facebook and as one who has been sewing almost 60 years I just wanted to applaud you for how you are conducting your business!

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