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At tonlé, we're incredibly grateful to partner with boutiques across the globe who are helping to change the future of the fashion industry by promoting products that are made in a kind and conscientious way. We are proud to work with them and are excited to share some of their stories with you. This week's featured retailer is Route. Route is an online store that focuses on curating a unique and beautiful line of products that have the MOST impact on the makers and their communities.  

What is your personal or business mission? 

 Our mission is to alleviate poverty by selling ethically produced goods and educate our community on the impact of employment and empowerment. We are a small group of determined women who believe in the power of fashion to create change. Every time we pay for a product we become part of the route that product has travelled. It's not just about what we bought or why we bought it, but all the hands that have touched it and places it has been are now connected to us.  That journey can be positive, life-giving and can help to solve huge social problems.

What is most unique about your shop?  

Our shop is online only, we are also exclusively committed to fashion foward clothing and jewelry that is ethically made.  So our selection is limited to just what is most impactful socially and environmentally.

Why is buying ethical, fair trade or environmentally responsible products important to you?  

We LOVE the idea of creating real, sustainable change in communities locally and around the world through safe and long-term employment.  When the products that are produced in those communities are also environmentally sustainable it means that we are choosing to protect both our world and their's.  When we purchase it connects us to the makers and the raw materials.  When we purchase ethically and environmentally responsible products we make the choice to not only protect but heal communities and the environment. 

What do you or your customers love about tonlé?  

We LOVE the design, fit and the story of tonlé.  It does not get better than uniquely designed pieces that fit every body type and are in flattering colors.  Consistently tonlé's products draw people into our entire product line, they catch people's eye and are often why our customers come back to purchase.

Learn more and follow Route: 

Instagram: @knowtheroute

facebook: www.facebook.com/knowtheroute

website: www.shoproute.org


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