our top 5 faves! gift ideas, clothing, jewelry, and home goods

Looking for a last minute gift for a loved one that's made with kindness and joy? We've collected our favorite items in several product categories made by the tonlé team and friends. 

top 5 gift idea favorites

1. zero waste face cleansing wipes

Looking for a gift for the eco-conscious makeup wearer in your life? These zero-waste reusable face cloths are a fantastic find! 

2. global mamas recycled glass ornament

We just adore the many styles and forms of these recycled glass ornaments. From animals, extinct and not, to rainbows and messages of environmentalism, there is really something for everyone. You might use these to decorate a wrapped package or holiday display, hang from a rear-view mirror, or even display in your garden. 

3. takeo handwoven reusable produce bags

Environmentally friendly folks are always looking for high-quality reusable bags, and these handwoven produce bags will be a hit with anyone who is all about that veg life! We love how soft they are and how the varying sizes are useful for any grocery need. 

4. zero waste clutch

We love these zero waste clutches, made from offcut fabric into the perfect travel size pocket clutch. They are elegant and colorful - a great gift idea for anyone in your life who likes to tuck little things away. 

5. takeo handwoven tea towel

These beautiful and soft tea towels are a hit with our customers, and it’s no wonder! Their simple design and absorbent handwoven material are a winning combination. 


top 5 clothing faves

1. jorani cropped pants

These best-sellers are a crowd-pleaser for a reason, they’re comfy and can be dressed up or down - you simply can’t go wrong! It’s like the sisterhood of the traveling pants. Seriously, they look amazing on everyone. 

2. global mamas batique tiered dress

Hand printed and customer-approved, this dress is a definite go-to for any event. The airy, wide skirt gives you space to be playful and comfortable as you move through your world in style. 

3. jorani skirt

A little bit chic, a little bit comfy. This skirt is ideal for any minimalist capsule wardrobe. 

4. veha t-shirt dress

Who doesn’t love a versatile dress with pockets? Soft and livable, the veha t-shirt dress can be worn in so many ways! Just take a look at our website for some inspiration of how you might accessorize it to either be more casual or more elegant. 

5. bona cinched top

We can’t get enough of this flirty crop top! The bona top is offered in colors inspired by the pacific northwest. The unique style features a  wide neck, cinched shoulders that can be adjusted to your preference, and a raised elastic waist that keeps the piece from being too boxy. It’s a great addition to any modern wardrobe. 

bonus fave: open closet subscription box

We love this concept, and our customers do too. Opt for a more circular way to engage with your wardrobe by subscribing to our monthly rental box and only buy what you love! 

top 5 jewelry faves

1. grey theory mill ball chain chokers

Simple yet daring, these necklaces are just the pop of sass your everyday outfit needs. We love handmade accessories that can be beautiful as well as cheeky with phrases like “nope,” “mama bird,” and “wild.

2. grey theory mill hammered triangle stud

Minimal jewelry done right, these hammered brass earrings work with just about any modern outfit. They are especially suited to give a subtle touch of sparkle to your earlobe without being too much. 

3. mulxiply pool statement earrings 

Elegant and ambitious - these organically shaped statement pieces bring a level of spirited refinement to your modern wardrobe. 

4. global mamas kalahari earrings

Add a little pop of color in playful shapes to your jewelry game with these recycled glass beauties! They are lightweight and airy, sure to liven up your everyday outfit.

5. global mamas azonto necklace

Make a colorful statement with this recycled glass beadwork. With various color combinations available, we know you will be able to find just the right necklace to inspire some joy! 

top 5 home faves

1. textured ceramic plates, set of 3

These unique ceramic plates are a gorgeous addition to any home. Use the food-safe set to show off your treats at your holiday party. Insider tip, they are also an elegant way to showcase precious jewelry, herbs or spices, or even coins with a little artistic flair!  

2. textured ceramic ring bowl

A handcrafted bowl to hold the tiny things in your life, the textured ceramic ring bowl is a customer favorite! Each one is unique and adorable.  

3. nimol handwoven rug with ties

Our customers love these best-selling textured rugs! Offered in a wide range of colors, the stylish nimol handwoven rug might be just what you need to tie your whole space together, too. 

4. kandal handwoven placemats

Are you planning a lovely holiday family dinner? These handwoven placemats are just what you need to bring your tablescape to that next “pinterest board” level.

5. rithy handwoven pillow covers

Add a touch of texture to your home with these handwoven pillow covers. Offered in many color palettes, these beautiful decorative pieces are a great way to revamp the pillows you already have and redefine your style! 

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