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‘Zuahaza’ comes from the Muisca language of the people who lived in the Cundiboyacense mountain region of Colombia, meaning “my sister.” 

As a social enterprise, Zuahaza strives to cultivate and embody collective sisterhood between women in Colombia. They are a passionate group of artisans and designers who craft home textiles in their creative lab in Bogota and at artisan partners’ production studios across Colombia. This inspiring team of women come from diverse cultural backgrounds and create products that directly reflect that diversity. They share one national territory and most importantly, one common mission: to preserve and revitalize their traditional crafts through collaborative design and knowledge exchange.  Zuahaza’s products are made with naturally dyed cotton. They aim to support local farms to strengthen organic cotton production at home so they can make products that are 100% locally sourced. Zuahaza works hard to participate in peacemaking efforts to reunite and heal their country after an era of intense conflict that continues to affect Colombia and its communities.




Pronounced "multiply" – MULXIPLY is a Nepali collaborative that creates beautiful pieces of jewelry out of reclaimed brass and other materials in safe and community-driven workspaces for all makers. 

While the collection is modern they utilize age-old techniques to keep heritage handicraft alive. MULXIPLY respects this heritage in honoring the raw materials of the region, the resourcefulness of its people, and both the tradition and methods. All the pieces that are on our website have been made from recycled brass into refined statement pieces. 

Grey Theory Mill:


Grey Theory Mill is a jewelry brand specializing in tiny stamped statement earrings that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Their hand-crafted jewelry combines some sass with a lot of heart. Stamped-sassy-sayings aside, they aim to curate cohesive jewelry collections that merge simple, edgy, hypoallergenic, and timeless design with high quality and ethically sourced materials at accessible price points.


Global Mamas:


Global Mamas is a guaranteed member of the WFTO and has been operating in Ghana since 2003 offering a wide selection of beautifully bold looks to bring a little West African color to your wardrobe.

To date their community consists of around 350 primarily women identifying makers who use traditional techniques to create a range of hand batiqued textile products, recycled glass beaded accessories, and all natural shea body products. 

Global Mamas is a vertically integrated brand which means from start to finish, production to sales, decisions are made based on what’s best for their team. Raw materials such as the hand stamped batiques and recycled glass beads are all made in house, creating an additional layer of income generating opportunities for makers in communities around Ghana. Ghanaian managers oversee operations at each of their locations, with a focus on promotions from within. As a 501c3 nonprofit they have a dual focus on production while offering capacity building opportunities for interested ‘Mamas’ (as the founders named themselves) - from practical skills training, to education around women's health, small business management, and bookkeeping. 

Loyuyu - Cambodian ceramics:

All Loyuyu products are handmade to the highest quality by Cambodian makers.

Loyuyu has been creating beautiful ceramics in Siem Reap for over 10 years. They are devoted to making ceramics that have inherent individuality with unique differences revealing how they have been made, setting them apart from mass-produced items. Focusing on the beauty of the creative process, the artists at Loyuyu build each piece with care. We are proud to partner with a team who honors artisans and their process. 





Translated from Sanskrit, MANAVA means humankind.

It is a group that supports female artisans by creating exclusive, artisanal rattan products that strengthen the international reputation of Cambodia's creative industries.  They work with a rattan palm material called "pdau" and willow grass called "la paek". This palm and grass are fast growing and found throughout Cambodia. Because of the importance of sustainable harvests, they carefully limit what they reap in order to provide for continued future growth season after season. With MANAVA, the artisans know their opinion matters and that they can work in a fair environment where companionship, crafts, and happiness flourish.

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