Introducing tonlé Featured Retailer: Wearwell

Despite our Phnom Penh workshop being on lockdown for most of April due to a spike in COVID cases, tonlé makers and staff were still paid their regular wages- on time and in full. We were able to fulfill this financial commitment in part due to wholesale partners such as Wearwell pre-paying for summer product rather than at time of delivery (which is the norm). These committed members of our community joined us in sharing both the risk and reward of doing business amidst uncertain times.

In coming weeks we will be highlighting some of these tonlé featured retailers who have gone above and beyond in showing up for us this spring. We hope you enjoy getting to know these retailers as much as we have!

Fast Facts

Business Name- Wearwell

Business Address- Philadelphia, PA

Owner- Co-founders Emily Kenney and Erin Houston

Follow Along- @shopwearwell 

Learn More-

tonlé's zero waste Veha Dress in an outfit created by stylists at wearwell.

Wearwell stylists source garments and accessories from brands making a positive impact in two distinct areas: workers’ rights and the environment. This leisurely look includes our zero-waste Veha dress. Image by @shopwearwell.

Digging In- About the Business

Tell us a bit about your business- what makes it unique?

Wearwell is an online membership service that makes it easy to build a sustainable wardrobe. Through wearwell, our members discover and shop the most ethical brands that are curated just for them each month by a personal stylist. We partner with brands that focus on fair wages for garment workers, safe work environments, and minimizing environmental impact. Every piece we sell here at wearwell focuses on impact in the making of the product. 

What is your personal or business mission? 

We believe it should be easy to use your purchasing power to support your values. Too often, the burden of shopping ethically and sustainably is on the shoulders of the consumer. This means that it takes a lot of time and energy to figure out which brands are greenwashing and which are truly making an impact, like tonlé’s commitment to zero waste and their makers. Wearwell is on a mission to make it easier to be a conscious consumer because we believe that’s one critical piece of the puzzle to transform the fashion industry so that it works better for both people and planet. 

tonlé's Sothea Pants made using reclaimed textiles

Combining effortless style with tonlé's zero waste process, the Sothea Pants were an obvious pick for wearwell customers this spring. Image: @shopwearwell

 Why is buying ethical or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

Buying ethical or environmentally responsible products isn’t just important to us, it’s a core value that permeates every aspect of our business. We started wearwell because we understand the fundamental social and environmental issues that the fashion industry has had for decades and, despite all that, we relentlessly believe it has the ability to change. That systemic change takes time and determination, and consumer demand is one piece of that. The more brands we source from that share values like tonlé’s, the louder consumer demand grows and the more the industry must respond. 

What do you or your customers love about tonlé? 

Our customers love the free-flowing and effortless styles from tonlé. Tonlé pieces have become go-to essentials in our members’ wardrobes, and we love knowing that their tonlé pieces will be worn over and over again! They get even more excited when they learn that their new favorite tunic, dress, or jumpsuit was made with tremendous intention, prioritizing both the person who made it and the environment every step of the way. How great is that when you have a meaningful story to tell about the clothing you choose to wear? 
wearwell co-founders Emily and Erin are committed to ethical and inclusive fashion
Beyond a commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, wearwell co-founders Emily and Erin are intentional about being size inclusive with the selection of product they offer. Image: @shopwearwell 

Which piece from our new collection are you most excited to receive?

It’s too hard to choose just one! We are so excited to get the Chaya Top and Ny Shorts - it’s the perfect summertime matching set in rich earth tones. Perfect for staying cool during the hot months, and we love that they’re versatile enough to wear to a casual daytime picnic or dress up with wedges for a date night. We’re also so excited to carry the Reusable Face Cleansing Pads and Sponges. Any creative upcycling of fabric is a favorite of ours and we are thrilled to add some sustainable swaps for the kitchen and bathroom to our offering to our members!  

Where have you been finding inspiration as you curate your spring/summer selection?

After the past year inside, like so many others, we’ve been grateful for the chance to slow down and enjoy time outside. We’re drawing our inspiration from this time in nature as we curate our spring collection. This means gorgeous bold color palettes and joyful patterns, but also pieces that move with women throughout their busy days. Whether hanging at home with loved ones, exploring the great outdoors, or venturing back into the office, we’re curating spring options that will renew your wardrobe!

Amidst trying times we continue channeling joy! We'd love to hear what's bringing you joy this season if there's anything you'd like to share.

We’ve all spent a lot of time sitting over the past twelve months, so everyday movement is bringing us tons of joy! From something as simple as taking a walk during this long and beautiful springtime in Philadelphia to notice the blooming trees and tulips or showing up to a barre or yoga class, the joy of movement is contagious and it’s giving us new energy these days! 

Thank you so much to the wearwell team for taking the time to share their thoughts and inspiration with us.

We can't wait to see how they incorporate new pieces from our summer collection into the perfect looks for fun in the sun!

tonlé's rib crop top is a versatile piece to use in wearwell outfits this spring.
Stylist pick- our Rib Crop Top (shown here in black) is a wardrobe staple this season. Image: @shopwearwell

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