Introducing: The Plant Kween x tonlé Collection

We’re so excited to announce the launch of the Plant Kween x tonlé collection, which has been in the works for many months. The Plant Kween x tonlé collection was created out of a shared appreciation for radical self love and healing, community care, and of course - plants! Combining Christopher, aka The Plant Kween’s visionary style with tonlé’s eco-minded and zero-waste process, this collection sets a new norm that fashion can be a tool for self-expression and joy of both makers and wearers, instead of oppression and exclusion. 

Christopher AKA the Plant Kween wears a blue tunic dress with a hand-printed botanical motif

Our gender expansive approach led us to create fits designed to be adaptable and comfortable for all bodies, hoping to cater to gender fluid and non-binary folks who are often under-represented in the traditionally (very) cisgender and binary fashion industry.

Plant Kween x tonlé styles are for everyone who believes that on top of looking fabulous, your clothes should make you feel good too. 


Making this collection has brought our team so much joy, and we hope you feel joy when you’re wearing the pieces too. The styles were designed to make you feel comfortable in every way.

Keeping in mind that many of us will be staying at home for the upcoming holidays—we each asked ourselves what we’d all like to be wearing, and thought through: how does one dress when they are dressing for themself? What does that look and feel like? 

“As a nonbinary person, I’ve found that the fluidity in my gender expression can be tricky to navigate in the fashion space because everything is so gendered,” Christopher says.

Hand-printed jade green sweatshirt with house-plant print

“I wear whatever I want—it's not ‘men’s clothing,’ it’s not ‘women’s clothing’—if it’s on my body, it’s mine. Nonbinary and trans experiences are often not thought about the the process of designing clothing. Gendered clothing can be limiting as it only has in mind particular bodies for particular pieces of clothing. I love wearing dresses, but often I find that my shoulders are too broad for some dresses or that my arms can’t fit through even though it is my waist size.

I am excited that this is a collection that is comfortable and that I can wear in the comfort of my own home and still look fabulous! The prints are fierce and the fits are universal, so she is here for it!” 

We were also able to collaborate with our friend Nataly on a photoshoot in Cambodia featuring two of our favorite Cambodian Kweens, Miga and Skylar. You'll also see their photos throughout the site. Stay tuned for collaborations with more people we admire within the ethical and sustainable fashion community as well! 

Image of Miga and Skyler wearing items from the Plant Kween X tonlé gender expansive collection

These are some of Christopher’s favorites from the collection, along with her style notes:

Jayden Jacket

Christopher, the Plant Kween, wearing a tomato red jacket with pockets

“This jersey-lined jacket flows on the body like water, hunty! Paired with a belt, you can serve multiple lewks whether you're heading to a function, running an errand or sitting perched at home.”


Shelby Shirt

Shelby shirt - handprinted with leaf pattern - made from deadstock white rayon fabric

“Short shirts are chic! This light material buttoned shirt will have you strutting through the week feeling cute, comfy yet professional.”

Darcey Dress

white textured sweatshirt fleece a-line dress worn by Christopher AKA The Plant Kween

“Dahling, this A-line dress will make you want to courtsery everywhere you go! Flowy, comfy and playful this dress will make you want to twirl the day away.”


Soma Sweater

Christopher AKA The Plant Kween wears a sweater fleece drawstring mustard top

“Buttoned sweaters with a drawstring are all the rave, dahling. Get into it! This fun sweater can be as flowy as you want it to be or can hug that bawdy in all the right ways!”

Torey Tunic

Christopher AKA The Plant Kween wears a royal blue tunic dress with a colorful orange and green botanical print

“This fabulously flowy tunic simply fierce. Wear by itself and show a lil leg or wear with a pair of bottoms, dahling, you can't go wrong with this lewk!”  


Camryn Culottes

Miga wears royal blue culottes from the Plant Kween x tonlé collection with a yellow gender expansive top

“Gurl, classic cool culottes are the lewk! These flowy high waist pants are serving front pockets realness and have an elastic band at the waist, cuz that chic comfort is priority.”


Explore the full collection here


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