Friends of tonlé: Coco Cooper Denim

Community is a really important to us at tonlé. The world is a constantly shrinking place, and no matter how far apart we feel, we are all interconnected and interdependent. That's why we love working with likeminded brands who we see as partners in our effort to change the fashion industry from the inside out, just like you, our customers and supporters. 

Coco Cooper is one such brand that we had the pleasure of collaborating with on a photoshoot recently. After many years in fashion, Coco Cooper's founder Jill saw a huge gaping hole in the industry for jeans that actually fit well and comfortably on curvier girls. So, she set out to solve that problem. With a whole lot of love and devotion not to not only creating the most comfortable pair of jeans imaginable, but also to a high bar for environmental sustainability and ethics, Coco Cooper was born. Knowing that getting just the right fit in your jeans can be excruciating, Coco Cooper also offers free returns and shipping, so finding your new favorite pair of jeans can be actually be enjoyable. We love Coco Cooper and what they stand for! Check out some of the photos below with model Rosa Barney, featuring tonlé's Kim top in wine and in black - made from oh-so-soft remnant rayon. 

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