Featured Retailer: Haberdashery Boutique

The boutiques working with tonlé play a huge role in supporting our mission and getting the word out about the importance of buying products more thoughtfully. We couldn't be more proud to work with these incredible people who are each making a difference in their own corner of the globe. This week's featured retailer is Haberdashery. Haberdashery Boutique was opened 17 years ago in a tiny space by owner Jill Elliot, and is now front and center in 3500 sq ft in Main Street in Historic Fredericksburg, Texas. Jill loves interesting and artistic clothing, and mixing brands and designs to create a look that is entirely unique for the customer. She says tonlé pieces create such a unique element by adding texture and subtle color to Haberdashery outfits. Here's a great example of Jill's beautiful pairings with tonlé's Srey long vest:

What is your personal or business mission?

We want every person who enters our store to feel amazing and confident in the pieces he or she purchases and to go out with her head high into the world! .  

What is most unique about your shop?

I think it's how we mix items together that create such a unique outfit.  We are all individuals and want to dress to express ourselves! 

Why is buying ethical, fair trade or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

Yes I think today more than ever. We love knowing that pieces we are wearing have empowered and helped a woman succeed in helping herself and her family.  

What do you or your customers love about tonlé?

Every. Single. Thing!!!  I love that they're signed by the artist, that they're recycled fibers, that they have empowered and helped women to succeed. Artisan clothing is beautiful and unique because each piece is slightly different.  Every time I wear my long grey duster ( which is several times a week) people compliment the piece and I'm proud to tell them about it and where to buy one.  So I had to get the new mixed ivory one too!! It feels good to be in a network of women who support each other!! 

Visit, learn more, and connect with Haberdashery Boutique: 

Location: 221 east Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624




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