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At tonlé, we're incredibly grateful to partner with boutiques across the globe who are helping to change the future of the fashion industry by promoting products that are made in a kind and contentious way. We are proud to work with them and are excited to share some of their stories with you. This week's featured retailer is daiseye.  daiseye is an eclectic marketplace offering fair trade & earth-friendly products, clothing, accessories and gifts to enhance you and your living space.  

Owners, Matt and Jessica Greget are focused on offering unique products to customers while educating shoppers about the importance of global responsibility...and they have a sustainability-focused blog too!  They have hope you will find treasures of simple beauty created from materials such as reclaimed wood and tin, recycled glass, and organically-grown herbs and fibers.


What is most unique about your shop?

People come into our shop and notice the originality of the merchandising and overall design.  People appreciate how we display using found objects and reclaimed doors, ladders, window frames, grapevines, corn cribs, tin, barnwood, antique light fixtures, bed springs, pillars, etc.  

We pride ourselves in taking our mission and bring it into our everyday life.  We would rather build a clothing rack or display out of the stuff we have laying around or find something with a story behind it. 


What is your personal or business mission?

daiseye's 7 core green principles that must be met by daiseye and our vendors:

1 - must be socially & economically responsible
2 - must NOT exploit children or any person
3 - must use energy efficient practices
4 - must use recycled content & reclaimed materials
5 - must support sustainable forestry
6 - must use organic and natural ingredients, including hemp
7 - must NOT test on animals

Why is buying ethical, fair trade or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

We pride ourselves in providing ethical, organic and handmade products, that’s what we’re known for.  We believe in being kind to our planet and it’s people.

What do you or your customers love about tonlé?

Tonle is a wonderful brand that we instantly were attracted to. The T-shirt dress was our #1 seller in the summer. Ethical-check, flattering fit on every size-check, eco-friendly-check! What’s not to love about a product that looks good and feels good! 

                                          Some daiseye customers rocking this season's tonlé line!



Learn more and follow Daiseye: 

Instagram: @daiseye.wi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daiseye.princeton

Website: www.daiseye.com

Location: 525 W. Water Street, Princeton, WI 54968

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