Fashion Revolution week commemorates the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse, where over 1000 garment factory workers lost their lives, and seeks to initiate a change in the way fashion is done. Participants ask brands, ‪#‎whomademyclothes‬?

At Tonlé, we always love celebrating the amazing people behind our clothes, but during this month, we'll be giving them a few extra shoutouts. Pictured above are some of our team: Seima, Hy, Toula, Leak, Ming Srey, Pich, Srey Roath, Parry, and Navy. Huge thank you for all the beautiful work that you do!

September 08, 2015 by Rachel Faller


asher Jay

asher Jay said:

I used to be in Fashion, and this was the premise of my design thesis at Parsons back in 2007, zero waste model, but I got distracted from fashion and moved into campaigning for conservation issues and social justice. I am also a National Geographic Explorer now. I would love to have a chat with your company about how I can overlap my creativity with your collections through a limited engagements of environmental/socio-economic messaging through my art and your design. You can view my work on I am so on board with your efforts, and look forward to at least having a skype with your team. Warmly Asher Jay

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