Fashion Revolution week

Fashion Revolution week commemorates the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse, where over 1000 garment factory workers lost their lives, and seeks to initiate a change in the way fashion is done. Participants ask brands, ‪#‎whomademyclothes‬?

At Tonlé, we always love celebrating the amazing people behind our clothes, but during this month, we'll be giving them a few extra shoutouts. Pictured above are some of our team: Seima, Hy, Toula, Leak, Ming Srey, Pich, Srey Roath, Parry, and Navy. Huge thank you for all the beautiful work that you do!


Thank for the reminder.

Growing up the Ghetto of South Afrika “Big Names” like Levi and the like became more important than big actions like kindness and compassion. When I played in the fashion industry chasing the next look was more important than goodness and fairness. Some years ago I stopped buying new clothes and opted to have a tailor make my clothes. Your work is a great reminder of how every aspect of our lives contributes to global environmental management.
I will be referring to your working the permaculture course I am working on this week.

Thanks for reminding me environmental awareness is offered to us in everything we do.

Blessings to tonle


Mikal January 08, 2017

I used to be in Fashion, and this was the premise of my design thesis at Parsons back in 2007, zero waste model, but I got distracted from fashion and moved into campaigning for conservation issues and social justice. I am also a National Geographic Explorer now. I would love to have a chat with your company about how I can overlap my creativity with your collections through a limited engagements of environmental/socio-economic messaging through my art and your design. You can view my work on I am so on board with your efforts, and look forward to at least having a skype with your team. Warmly Asher Jay

asher Jay December 12, 2016

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