Welcome to our newest partner - Zig Zag!

We're so excited to welcome a new partner to our site - Zig Zag!

Zig Zag is a woman-owned business based in Santa Cruz, California that was founded was founded in 1998 in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California.

Zig Zag is committed to honesty and fairness while providing unique, quality items to customers. They work with family businesses, small workshops, and women’s collectives in Nepal, India, and the northern and eastern regions of Thailand. They promote sustainable production processes in reciprocity with the artisans and their communities. Each product is thus a celebration of hope, tradition, creativity, and beauty.

Founder Afrid Ghoffrani started traveling and designing in the mid-1980s and says that: "Many of the relationships I established back in those early years have been long lasting. Our love and gratitude for the people we work with, our appreciation for their skills, and our admiration for their traditions, in addition to our passion for color, textiles, and Asian craftsmanship keep us connected to the other side of the world.

What we love about Zig Zag: Not only are many of their products hand-made in a symbiotic and respectful way with artisan communities, but they are beautiful, adaptable, and comfortable! We felt that both their values and style lined up with what our customers love about tonlé.

Additionally, many of the new textiles are handwoven and GOTS certified organic. The textures and fabric feel are even better than we could capture - but we had a great time shooting these products in the tonlé style you know and love with some of our friends and models. We hope you enjoy our take on Zig Zag's products.


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