open closet wholesale box

$500.00 USD

As you may know, Open Closet is our circular sales and take-back program. We extend the life of previously used tonlé garments by mending and sometimes reimagining gently worn items into fresh styles. We are changing the way that we run this program, and as a valued retail partner, we want to invite you to be a part of it. 

Starting October 31st, we will be offering our customers a curated rental box, available in monthly subscription or one-time purchase. Your order of a curated rental garment box of 25 items will extend the same rental opportunity to your customers.  We will curate a box for you to include brand new (not seen before) styles, gently loved classics, and items that have been lovingly "reimagined" by our team by dying, embroidery, or being otherwise up-cycled.

Through a partnership with us on renting, selling, and re-circulating pre-loved items, you will contribute to giving our garments, and the planet, a second chance.

Learn more about the program here.

How renting from tonlé works:

  • Make a selection for your box to help us understand your curatorial preferences and pick from a range of our seasonal palates. Feel free to add any notes to your order that will help us understand your needs. We will curate your box for you accordingly.
  • For an initial investment of $500, your rental kit includes 25 hand-picked tonlé garments, display & educational materials, and reusable hang tags. All items are priced at $20 for simplicity and ease of ordering for both you and us. 
  • Add other products from tonlé that you have already purchased from us to your rental area if you like!
  • Rent, sell, and take back products in a circular model co-created and facilitated with us. 
  • Return any unwanted tonlé items within 1 year for $10 per piece in credit; returns may include other items that are purchased wholesale at the same rebate rate of $10 per item.
  • Purchase a refill box of 10-30 items at any time. We will continue to offer limited edition wholesale items that you can sell at normal pricing or add to your rental rack. 

Our current seasonal color palates: 

  • pebble beach - whites, neutrals, tans
  • terra cotta - neutral, tan, pinks, rust red, oranges
  • oxide - blacks, tans, black and bleach dyed reds and oranges
  • foliage - autumnal reds, oranges, golds, with hints of greens
  • alpine lake - blues, blacks, greys, and greens
  • ice storm - blues, taupes, tans, and whites
  • calico - black, taupe, brown, cream
  • sand dunes - white, khaki, mustard, yellow and light orange

Pattern and texture selections: 

  • Minimalist - less pattern, texture, and color
  • Maximalist - more pattern, texture, and color

How to return items to tonlé:

Drop all items you wish to return within a year of your initial purchase into the reusable shipping package and use the prepaid shipping label included with your rental box. tonlé will wash and repair any garments that need mending. You will receive a 50% rebate of your returns, equaling $10 per item (up to $250 total rebate) in tonlé credit.

We look forward to collaborating with your business and community in our endeavor to promote longer garment life and minimize our harm to the planet.

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