upcycled skateboard big hoops

$44 USD

Original skateboard graphics cover the backside of this classic shape, displaying the wheel bites and scratches from the skateboarder who rode the board in its past life. The front side of these earrings reveals the colored plies within the skateboard. They spin as you wear them to reveal each side of the skateboard.

These upcycled pieces are created by a small business in Portland, OR. Fueled by a passion to give back to skateboarding by reducing its carbon footprint they’ve been turning discarded boards into accessories for 15 years.

Since the broken boards used as their raw material are donated by local individuals and skateshops each piece of jewelry is truly unique- reflecting the pattern and wear of the board used in their creation. 

  • Handmade in Portland, OR
  • Assorted bright colors + prints
  • Built from upcycled skateboards
  • Sterling earwires

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