angkor sweatshirt dress - black

$155.00 USD

A comfortable and chic sweatshirt dress with pockets, made with a unique patchwork design using small sweater fleece scraps as part of our zero waste process. Each colorway (black, navy, and grey) contains a range of shades. Due to it's carefully handmade nature, each piece will have slight variations, and we celebrate that. 

Sizing: This style is designed with a gender inclusive fit and comes in sizes XS-XXL. If you are accustomed to our traditional women’s sizing, you will find this style has a looser fit compared to other styles we have carried and you may want to size down if you would like a more fitted look. Please refer to our size chart for more details. 

Materials and Care: This piece is made from sweater-fleece offcuts, just like your favorite sweatshirt. These up-cycled textiles include a blend of plant-based natural fibers and synthetic fibers. To best take care of your zero-waste upcycled garment (and to reduce your environmental footprint), we recommend machine washing in cold water, and hanging to dry. Our fabrics are carefully hand selected each week from remnant markets where large manufacturers bring discarded off-cuts and deadstock, and we do our best to select the most consistent, comfortable, soft, and high-quality fabrics. Fabrics are pre-washed and shrunk, but if you machine dry this garment it may shrink slightly. 

People who work on this product: Navy, Dara, and Rangsey. Learn more about the tonlé team and our fair trade production practices.  

Modeled by: Malina 


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