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All tonlé clothing and accessories are made from reclaimed textiles that we’re diverting from landfills. Open Closet is a way to extend the life of those finished garments, prevent them from ending up in a landfill, and avoid the undermining of another economy when they hit the donation bin. Join us as we create a sustainable fashion future together: trade in pre-worn tonlé clothing and subscribe to our new, curated rental box! Our rental boxes combine our popular curated sample box concept with our circular open closet program. Read our FAQ's and learn more about why we do it here.

How it works: 

Subscribe and rent three to five items of curated clothing items every month for $60-$100, or opt to choose a one-time rental box. The styles in the box include pre-loved and reimagined items, samples, as well as new and never before seen tonlé items. We may incorporate other brands in the future; we’ll keep you posted! Subscribers have access to one-of-a-kind items, small production runs, and reimagined items that will not be available anywhere else. 

Wear and enjoy your styles for the next month. If you love something, keep it. Send back unwanted items by your billing date. Expect your newly curated box next month! Don’t worry about laundry, it will be handled by the tonlé team with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Our open closet subscription is great for: 

  • Low investment for fresh styles each month
  • Exposure to various styles hand-curated to fit your preferences
  • Feedback cards included so we can keep track of what you've received and what you loved or didn't love
  • Automatic billing and shipping
  • Change, cancel, or update your subscription and preferences at any time on your account page

Our open closet 1 time box is great for: 

  • Low commitment
  • Special occasions
  • Travel plans
  • Gift for a loved one


  • 3 items: $60 monthly, $75 one time
  • 5 items: $100 monthly, $125 one time
  • To keep / purchase an item after your rental month: an additional $15 per clothing item for standard tonlé items and $30 per item for hand-made items (embroidered, hand-woven) will be charged after you return the box.

Please fill out the form below to make sure we capture all the information we need to curate your box. You can fill out the form any time again when you want to update your preferences.

Looking to trade in previously worn tonlé items to Open Closet? start here.

More questions? Check out our FAQ's or drop us a note at

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