kanya quilted pants

$240.00 USD

This season we are pleased to introduce a new technique to use small scraps left-over from our production process, as part of our commitment to a fully zero waste production model: quilting. To create this beautiful hand-quilted piece, tiny scraps of fabric are layered between two pieces of deadstock cotton and linen and stitched over in a wave pattern to create the beautiful texture in this piece. Due to the time-consuming nature of making these pants, they are priced higher than our typical styles but are meticulously constructed and we think, well worth the investment. Finished with an elastic waistband and generous pockets, these statement pants are a staple piece that are as sustainable as they are stylish and cozy. 

Color: indigo linen/cotton
This piece is made from linen and or a cotton/linen blend – sourced as deadstock and offcuts left over from larger garment manufacturers. To best take care of your zero waste upcycled garment (and to protect the earth), we recommend machine washing in cold water, and hanging to dry. This garment can be ironed on medium heat, but after linen is washed a few times, it softens and does not need much ironing. Our fabrics are hand selected each week from remnant markets where large manufacturers bring discarded off-cuts and deadstock, and we do our best to select the most consistent, comfortable, and high quality fabrics. Fabrics are pre-washed and shrunk, but if you machine dry this garment it may shrink slightly.

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