handwoven circle tote - plant kween

$100.00 USD

Tuck all your essentials into this handwoven tote bag for an evening out or brunch with friends. Created using unique lengths of handwoven textiles through our zero waste process, this design was developed in collaboration with Christopher, aka The Plant Kween as part of our Summer 2022 collection.  

Each piece in this collection celebrates Christopher’s effortless style with tonlé’s sustainable, zero waste process. In line with our shared vision of disrupting gender binarism in the fashion industry, each garment has been developed through a gender expansive lens to offer fits of self-expression and joy designed to fit a range of bodies.

For an alternate look in more of our twice-upcycled handwoven textiles take a look at the square tote which is also part of this collection.

color: teal handwoven

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