essential oil upcycled candles - kep

$18 USD

*Please note, candles will resume shipping 2/1/22*

About this scent: 

This candle is rejuvenating and fresh. 

This candle’s main scents are eucalyptus and lemongrass, with undertones of mint and sage. It takes us to the gentle breezes, open markets, and revitalizing spas of the seaside town of Kep, Cambodia. 

 Our essential oil candles with natural botanical elements are each hand-crafted in pre-loved jars and bowls, and no two are alike. Our candles are entirely plant-based. Some candles contain a mixture of wax from candles that have been up-cycled, batches that use upcycled wax are noted in the description. Otherwise, we use 100% natural soy wax. 

We are working on a take back program for our containers so that once you’ve used your candle, you can send back the container for credit. Stay tuned! 


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