tonle open closet

black denim over alls with decorative buttons - tonlé - open closet reimagine

$48.00 USD

Open closet styles include pre-loved, reimagined items, and samples. Each piece is carefully washed, repurposed and lightly mended if needed. Any wear and tear is mentioned in the description. 

All tonlé clothing and accessories are made from reclaimed textiles that we’re diverting from landfills. Open Closet is a way to extend the life of those finished garments, prevent them from ending up in a landfill, and avoid the undermining of another economy when they hit the donation bin. Join us as we create a sustainable fashion future together: trade in pre-worn tonlé clothing and subscribe to our new, curated rental box! Our rental boxes combine our popular curated sample box concept with our circular open closet program. Read our FAQ's and learn more about why we do it here.


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