Zig Zag Asian Collection

back tie handwoven tank top

$38.00 USD

This sleeveless tank top is made with Zig Zag’s famous hand-woven "kurta" fabric from Nepal. It has a high neck, and darts, and can be tied in the front or back, any way to fit your shape and style. It can also be worn with a tie in the front as a vest.

  • double ply handwoven cotton, machine wash in cold water
  • one size, fits up to size 12
  • hand made in Nepal

tonlé is proud to welcome Zig Zag as a partner to our site. Zig Zag shares our values of honesty and fairness while providing handmade, quality items with unique designs and textures. They work with family businesses, small workshops, and women’s collectives in Nepal, India, and the northern and eastern regions of Thailand, promoting sustainable production processes in reciprocity with the artisans and their communities. Each item is a celebration of hope, tradition, creativity, and beauty.

Color: black

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