At tonlé, we generally design our garments for a comfy and loose fit. If you are looking for something more fitted, we recommend going to the smaller size. Our size chart runs about 3 inches larger than the leading fast fashion companies, so please keep that in mind when checking out our sizing. tonle sustainable fashion size chartPlease note that the measurements listed on individual product pages are measured with the garments laid flat- to find the best fit, double the body width and select your size from the size chart above. We suggest choosing your size based on your body's largest circumference. Hip and chest range only applies to bodies with larger hips. Straighter bodies should base their size off of the waist to measure your tonlé garments for the best fit

We recognize not every body will fit perfectly into this chart and our aim is to continue becoming more size and gender expansive with the selection we offer. If you have any questions on finding the best fit, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at