We are a maker-led community. We value inclusivity, honesty, and reciprocity. Our business is more than the garments we make. It is about creating a purposeful future for fashion: one that is restorative, regenerative and just.

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We believe every scrap of fabric has a purpose.

Through a sustainable zero waste process, we create clothing, accessories and homewares from reclaimed materials that other manufacturers consider waste. We strive for circularity and climate justice to mitigate the fashion industry’s devastating impact on the planet. 

Our workshops are structured to be like sewing circles instead of assembly lines.

We support skill-sharing and encourage each other to learn and grow. We ensure mutual benefit, respect, and fair compensation for all who contribute to tonlé's success.

Our customers are partners in changing the fashion industry—and we work with them to ensure that our clothing has a long life by supporting proper garment care and extended wear. We make products that last, and believe that caring for our clothing respects the love and labor that goes into each piece. 

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We envision a fashion industry where everyone benefits and thrives.

We are working to ensure that future by rectifying the harm and injustice the fashion industry has caused to both people and the planet, one piece of clothing at a time.

our values 

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We believe that every scrap of fabric, every action we take, and each piece of clothing we create has a purpose. Using fabric others consider waste, we create beautiful products designed to last, mitigating fashion’s impact on the planet. 

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As a community of makers and wearers, we envision a new fashion ecosystem—one where those historically sidelined or exploited by the traditional fashion industry are recognized and centered as leaders and creators. tonlé is built on collaboration and reciprocity; justice is at the core of what we do.

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We believe that knowledge is power; we champion transparency and accountability, while crediting teachers and co-creators with humility and authenticity. We do our research and stand by our beliefs, but when we make mistakes, we acknowledge them and work to repair harm.

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