reimagined blue checkered sweater - hare with mushrooms - xs/s

$125 USD

On a background of blue and white checkers this solitary hare sits frozen as fast-growing fungi spring up about him. This reimagined J.Crew sweater was originally marked XL but now fits more like a S/XS.

For our second Open Closet Reimagined collection we’re thrilled to work with embroidery artist Lee Caroline Mackey. Their work focuses on giving new life to upcycled garments through carefully placed, hand-sewn embellishments inspired by nature. “By working using images of animals, sometimes in a mythological context, I hope viewers catch a glimpse of the magic of the natural world. Awe at the beauty of nature is one of the best tools for fighting environmental apathy.”

We hope you enjoy the new magic infused into these pre-loved garments as much as we do.

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