packs of reusable cotton face masks - non medical grade

$12 USD $24 USD

Our masks have three layers of quilted cotton, which has been the recommended practice for cloth masks. We have switched to making these with ties instead of elastic around the ears - to better support the different fit needs of our customers. Please note that fabrics colors and prints vary as we are using our supply of available fabrics. 

tonlé printed masks are made with our unique prints - on linen and cotton fabrics. 

tonlé patchwork masks are made with an outer layer of linen patchwork and an inner layer of cotton. 

We are offering two sizes: 

Small: center front measurement (nose to chin) = 4.75-5 inches 

Medium: center front measurement (nose to chin) = 5.25-5 inches 

Level of protection: Cloth masks are not anti-viral, but help prevent transmission by limiting hand-to-mouth transmission, and helping to prevent a sick person from transmitting to others. Many cities are requiring masks to be used in public and these masks are intended for public use. 

Our masks are sterilized and packaged in poly bags. Although we do not normally package our products in plastic - these are packaged in plastic to maintain sanitation. 

pack size:


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