recycled glass fast forward necklace- adjustable

$36 USD

Combining traditional beadmaking techniques with contemporary form, these custom recycled glass beads are made by a WFTO guaranteed maker group in Ghana.

Using traditional techniques which have been handed down for generations, beadmakers transform discarded glass bottles and windowpanes into the recycled beads used in these accessories.  Finished beads are strung on faux suede cord (black) and natural leather and may be worn in the sun or water without discoloration to jewelry or skin.

Read more about the makers here. 

As our production capacity is still limited to offer our normal range of online products, we've been embracing the opportunity to share pieces from some of our favorite makers and brands. In addition to paying a fair share of the price to the people who made the products, profits from these pieces will support our operations while our own production capacity has been limited.  Each of these collaborators has been fully vetted by our team to ensure our community is still getting the quality they expect from a business that aligns with our own high production standards and ethical values. 

Color: blue glass

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