essential oil upcycled candles - lavender garden

$24 USD

*Please note, candles will resume shipping 2/1/22*

About this scent: 

This scent is calming and relaxing. 

The main scent comes from lavender essential oil with lavender buds mixed it. It contains 25% upcycled candle wax which has contributing scents of cherry and pine tree. 

Our essential oil candles with natural botanical elements are each hand-crafted in pre-loved jars and bowls, and no two are alike. Our candles are entirely plant-based. Some candles contain a mixture of wax from candles that have been up-cycled, batches that use upcycled wax are noted in the description. Otherwise, we use 100% natural soy wax. 

We are working on a take back program for our containers so that once you’ve used your candle, you can send back the container for credit. Stay tuned! 


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