rattan dawn bangle

$38 USD

Earthy and effortlessly chic, the infinite looping forms of these rattan bangles are intricately handwoven by makers in Cambodia out of rattan, a climbing palm known for being both lightweight and durable. Position one statement piece mid-arm, or layer multiple forms on your wrist for an organic, and truly eye-catching look.

Diameter 2.50”



To preserve the beauty of this rattan piece, please avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Surface may be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Tonlé is proud to partner with MANAVA to bring these beautiful rattan pieces to your home. In addition to paying a fair share of the price to the people who made the products, each collaborator we work with has been vetted to ensure the same quality and ethical standards our customers have come to expect of our in-house production team. 

Using sustainably sourced rattan palm and willow grass which grows in the wild throughout Cambodia, MANAVA employs highly skilled weavers to create exclusive, artisanal designs while preserving an important part of Cambodia’s cultural legacy. Creating these intricate pieces is an opportunity for makers to exercise their craft while reinvesting in the future of their families.


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