Our Emily dress is a staple in any minimalist capsule wardrobe.This elegant dress is made from reclaimed jersey in our zero waste process.

emily dress

$80 USD
The sleeves on the ethically made RJ wrap top can be cuffed, as seen here.The handwoven RJ wrap top, seen here in grey and white and styled with the tie wrapped around the front, is a zero waste fashion design.
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This version of our Keang top, in sage, is a must for any minimalist capsule wardrobe. Sustainably made from reclaimed textiles in our zero waste process.
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A side view of our ethically made Keang top in black with confetti hand embroidered at the shoulder. The Keang top, seen here in cream with a confetti pattern hand embroidered at the shoulder, is made from reclaimed jersey as part of our unique zero waste process.
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