davi t-shirt - plant kween

$68.00 USD

The latest silhouette in our collection of comfy, best selling tees- the Davi is available this season in the screen-printed 'forest floor' design as well as a limited edition upcycled patchwork. Developed with a loose fit to be enjoyed by a fluid range of bodies, this garment features an elegant scoop neck and elbow-length sleeve. It's available here in reclaimed jersey as well as the rib fabric which offers a slightly heavier weight with a little more stretch.

This gender-expansive style was designed in collaboration with Christopher, aka The Plant Kween. Each piece in this collection celebrates Christopher’s effortless style with tonlé’s sustainable, zero waste process. In line with our shared vision of disrupting gender binarism in the fashion industry, each garment has been developed through a gender expansive lens to offer fits of self-expression and joy designed to fit a range of bodies.

Liesje is 5'4" wearing the brick jersey in XL. Rae is 5'3" wearing cream, royal blue, and teal in S.

color: brick jersey

This piece is made from cotton jersey remnants (t-shirt offcuts) – and may include a blend of other natural plant-based fibers and some elastic. We burn test each fabric to assure that it is at least 90% natural, plant-based fiber. To best take care of your zero waste upcycled garment (and to be as earth-friendly as possible), we recommend machine washing in cold water, and hanging to dry. This garment can be ironed on low heat on the back side of the print, but we really don’t think that’s necessary! Our t-shirt fabrics are carefully hand selected each week from remnant markets where large manufacturers bring discarded off-cuts and deadstock, and we do our best to select the most consistent, comfortable, soft, and high-quality fabrics. Fabrics are pre-washed and shrunk, but if you machine dry this garment it may shrink slightly.

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