hand-crocheted purse

$70 USD
Stash all your essentials in this hand-crocheted purse. Made from reclaimed textiles in our zero waste process, this bag is fully lined with a linen-cotton blend fabric. A removable fabric shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and a fun fabric tassel pulls the zipper top open and closed. Add this bag to any look for a dash of texture and color. 
Color: crocheted mustard & neutrals

This piece is hand-knit from small scraps of fabric as part of our unique, zero waste process – utilizing a combination of carefully hand-cut fabric yarns made from cutting room scraps.  We burn test each fabric to assure that it is at least 90% natural, plant-based fiber. Please carefully hand-wash and lay flat to dry for best results. Because of the carefully handmade nature of this piece, it is as eco friendly as it is uniquely stylish. Each piece may vary slightly in color and texture, and we celebrate this. 

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