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In partnership with MANAVA Cambodia, tonlé is pleased to offer a curated selection of exquisitely handmade rattan pieces to accent your home and wardrobe. We’ve long admired the work of this brand whose quality and ethical standards align with our own and are thrilled to play a role in making these high quality pieces accessible to our community.

Rattan weaver with Manava Cambodia making a laghu basket

Depending on the complexity of the piece, these high quality rattan baskets can take anywhere from 2-4 days to weave. Photo: @manava_cambodia

Based in Siem Reap, MANAVA (‘humankind’ in Sanskrit) employs highly skilled weavers to create exclusive, artisanal designs while preserving an important part of Cambodia’s cultural legacy. Creating these handwoven pieces provides an opportunity for makers to exercise their craft while reinvesting in the future of their families. In addition to creating sustainable income generating opportunities for makers, with the support of a local NGO MANAVA also offers training to interested members of their community in the areas of financial management, family planning, and women's rights. To date MANAVA partners with 24 female identifying makers.

Manava rattan baskets with tonlé zero waste home goods

The natural beauty of rattan home goods beautifully blend with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The laghu bowlphala tray, and saha nesting baskets are shown here with tonlé's zero waste handwoven throw rug and pillows. 

Due to its durability and resistance to splintering, rattan, a kind of climbing palm, has long been a popular choice for both decorative and functional handiwork. As the greatest diversity of rattan palm species are found in the old-growth tropical forest of Southeast Asia, with more than 20 species of rattan documented in Cambodia alone,  it’s no surprise rattan has become a popular material used by local artists to create both basketry and furniture. 
Manava Cambodia Rattan Handbags Offered by tonlé
MANAVA makers create exclusive, artisanal designs while preserving an important part of Cambodia’s cultural legacy. The Anuna handbag is one of our new favorites. Photo @manava_cambodia


Although unsustainable harvesting of rattan can lead to forest degradation and affect the overall forest ecosystem, MANAVA chooses to work with the ‘pdau’ rattan palm and ‘la paek’ willow grass- both fast growing plants, native to Cambodia. Compared to the thicker rattan that grows in the forests and mountains, this thinner rattan is a more sustainable alternative which flourishes in the lakes and rivers. The pdau grows back rapidly each year and MANAVA ensures these raw materials are harvested with intention to allow for continued growth each season.

Manava rattan baskets with tonlé zero waste home goods

Pieces like the Phala Tray beautifully compliment our handwoven home goods which are created using pre-consumer textile waste. Watch for new ceramic pieces arriving soon which are also crafted by makers in Cambodia!

The collection of rattan pieces we currently have on offer includes natural fiber homewares which lend an elevated beauty to any interior, in addition chic handbags and bangles to polish off your look. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate these pieces into your everyday living!

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