Island Summer

Manana island is 10 miles off the coast of Maine, adjacent to Monhegan Island. We took a little trip there with friends and some of our favorite tonlé pieces for a weekend sojourn and photoshoot. Handcrafted jewelry by our friend and talented local Maine artist Cat Bates are featured along side tonlé dresses and scarves. This collection includes pieces from our summer and autumn lines, so some of the pieces are now available and some will be coming out in September. Visit our shop page to shop this collection! 


I love what you’re doing with this label – both for the environment and for employing Cambodian women. Keep up the good work!

Kate January 06, 2017

To Vana. I purchased a beautiful turquoise blue dress made by Vana..i live in Australia so so cool & comfortable by our very hot weather at Christmas time.thank you for making such a fabulous dress. Regards. Francesca. ??

Fr December 22, 2016

I love all of this! Congrats on a fab business model and beautiful clothing.

Emma Lovell November 02, 2016

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