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Not that it hasn't been expressed, but the last 2+ years have been HARD. Every time we try to open a new door, it seems that there is a new challenge behind it. The truth is that sometimes resilience and creativity just isn't enough to keep going, especially when operating within systems that are not designed to benefit all. We tried a rest and reset earlier this year, but with the current economic conditions, the rising cost of doing business fairly, and production disruptions, we haven't been making enough sales to cover all our costs for a while. In order to pay people, our business has had to take out debt in hopes of things getting better in the future, but unfortunately we still haven’t been able to make enough sales.

We are now scaling back operations and plan to restructure our business with the goal of re-opening in a new way in coming months. For now we have some major sales going on that will help us cover our costs, pay back debt, and set aside funds to take care of our team while we make this transition. We know it's a tough time economically all around, so in an act of mutual support, we are re-opening our Pay What You Can Sale on everything on our site, (details below) and the sample box sale, which will include some last chance items, samples, and open closet items that are not currently available on our site. 

If you've had your eye on anything on our site, or just want to share some love at a price that feels right to you, now would be the time to do it. Our team has been paid for producing these products which means funds will be put towards paying off debt that went towards salaries and saving for future needs.

No matter what form tonlé takes in the future, we are incredibly proud of what we've built and know that our efforts will have a lasting impact on the industry. We're so grateful to each of you who has contributed to seeing this vision be a reality. We are excited to keep you posted on our next steps and how this vision will evolve. 

With gratitude, 



While inventory is available, we've brought back the sample box sale to help move some of our one-off sample items, open closet, and reimagined items. Purchase this curated box and our team will pick out three items for you, based on your preferences. Please allow 1 week processing time and 3-5 days shipping time. Quantities are limited, so please purchase in advance so as not to be disappointed. At this time, due to the highly discounted nature of this promotion, we cannot accept returns and exchanges on this promotion. Additionally, we can only do sample box sales within the US and Canada at this time. 


Providing fair wages and benefits to our team both in the US and in Cambodia is the framework for how we create our pricing. We’ve always tried to provide our clothing at accessible pricing, but the costs of doing business has been going up and in recent years we have to take on debt to pay salaries. 

We are doing this PWYC sale now in a period of transition to help us cover debt payments and set aside a fund to support our team for the future. If you are a customer who has found our prices to be difficult relative to your own salary and ability – we hope you’ll see one of the higher discount levels as a way to support our work and our people while at the same time getting something you will love at an affordable price point. If you’re a customer who has had more privilege, we hope that knowing what you are paying for will help encourage you to choose one of the lower discount tiers – as the full price is really what we need to earn to sustain our business and help keep our pricing affordable for those with less access in the future.


  • Full price – Covers the full cost and overhead and helps us pay back existing debts, as well as save money for future seasons when our sales may be slow again. The full price of our clothing is truly what we need to create a sustainable business model to exist into the future. It is not at this time producing any profit.
  • 15% off – Covers the cost of the product and our US salaries (shipping, customer service, marketing, web design and management, accounting, photography) use the Discount code: *tonlePWYC15*
  • 30% off Covers the cost of making the product and our Cambodian overhead (local management salaries, pattern making, clothing design, and quality control. Discount code:  *tonlePWYC30*
  • 50% off – only covers the cost of making the product (maker’s time, fabrics, and shipping) Discount code: *tonlePWYC50*

To participate in this sale, use the appropriate discount code at checkout. 



  • Discount codes and sample sale products are now live and will be until further notice.
  • PWYC discounts are available for everything on the site.
  • Because of the fast nature of the sample sale – our response times to questions on the samples will likely not be immediate – please be patient with us as we have just one person working on customer service. 
  • We cannot accept returns on sale items. In the future, we may re-open our open closet program. 
  • PWYC sales cannot be applied to sample boxes.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read our thoughts and for supporting our work. 


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