Featured Retailer: Mortise and Tennon

At tonlé, we're incredibly grateful to partner with boutiques across the globe who are helping to change the future of the fashion industry by promoting products that are made in a kind and contentious way. We are proud to work with them and are excited to share some of their stories with you. This week's featured retailer is Mortise and Tennona modern day general store and furniture studio that brings together their own in house design work with beautiful and innovative products from small and regional suppliers. We love their commitment to sourcing wonderful, sustainable products and supporting responsible companies.  


2421 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada S4P 0K4 


Alex and Danielle Hackel, Eric Oleson and Cassie Ozog 

What is your personal or business mission? 

Our mission is to create an inspiring space for people to shop and find the perfect piece for their lives, whether that's clothing, home goods, apothecary items or art.  We strive to provide customers with great care and to offer them unique, local items. 

What is most unique about your shop? 

Our eclectic, yet carefully curated selection. We strive to offer the highest quality goods in both form and function. We also provide in-house design and fabrication of custom and production furniture and home goods, in addition to our diverse collection of goods from independent makers and small suppliers. 

Why is buying ethical, fair trade or environmentally responsible products important to you? 

With the incredibly harmful effects of fast fashion coming to the forefront over the past years we feel it's so important to support responsible businesses and the products they sell.  People supporting people is such an integral part of our business model that ordering from companies that feel the same just seems right.  Everyone wins when we protect one another and the world we share. 

What do love about tonlé? 

Not only do our customers love Tonle, but so do we!  We have heard nothing but amazing feedback on the quality of the fabrics, the flattering and inclusive sizing, unique designs, and great colour palettes!  I can atest to all of the above as I own many pieces myself.  Tonle has been such a welcomed addition to the Mortise & Tenon family and we can't get enough of this globally responsible, sustainable and ethical company.  We look forward to a long and positive relationship! 





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