Ethical and Sustainable Maternity Wear

Why is it so hard to find sustainable and ethical maternity clothes? 

...Is a question we've heard more than once. The answer unfortunately is fairly simple; companies are typically not willing to invest in clothing that is only going to be worn for a short period, and some moms-to-be might feel the same way. But if you're an expecting mother who wants to live sustainably while your body is changing, this can create a unique challenge. There are many great options for swapping and using and adapting what you already have, (check out this article by our friends at Eco Warrior Princes for some great tips) but if you are lacking something in your wardrobe during this unique time period or are wondering what might adapt with your body's changing needs throughout pregnancy, we've curated   a special collection just for you. We've been told by a few of our friends that tonlé apparel works really well as maternity clothing, because we strive to make all of our products comfortable, versatile, and in addition many of our pieces have an adaptable fit. A few weeks ago, we had our friend Ana try on a few pieces and rounded up a few of her favorites below. In addition, check out our entire collection of maternity selections here


The Basic T-Shirt Dress 

Anja dress - basic zero waste t-shirt dress by tonlé

The basic t-shirt dress and slightly longer sister style (pictured above) the Anja dress are our best selling shapes for a reason. Our t-shirt dresses are versatile, comfortable, and come in a range of prints and colors. This piece can be worn year round and layers well over leggings, or pair it with a cute jean jacket. For maternity - this is a great way to show off your baby bump but have peace of mind that you'll be wearing this style again. Not to mention the wonder-woman inspired print...need we say more!? 


The Wrap Dress 

blue zero waste and ethical maternity wrap dress with a willow inspired print by tonlé

Everyone loves a good wrap dress - especially during pregnancy. (Bonus: they're also great for breastfeeding!) Our Mekong wrap dress has been one of our most popular shapes - and also comes in black and grey in addition to this beautiful navy and turquoise iteration.  We've also got some great long sleeved versions of the classic wrap dress - see our whole line of wrap dresses here. 


The Body Con Dress

Body con black and gold ethical and sustainable maternity dress by tonlé

For the mama who wants to show off her baby bump - look no further then our Emily Body Con dress. It hugs your curves in all the right place to embrace your miraculous and beautiful body at every step of the way. Plus - it's made from a cotton elastic blend which is ultra comfy despite it's glamorous style. We'll be restocking this particular style soon, but check out our entire selection of body con dresses here! 


The Faux Wrap Dress 

Black eco friendly maternity faux wrap dress with butterfly sleeves - by tonlé zero waste fashion

Ok we know our customers love the wrap dresses so we've added one more similar style for good measure - the Athena dress (named after the goddess Athena). Similar to our wrap dresses on top but with an elastic waste instead and wide flowing sleeves, the adjustable positioning on the waste band and the loose elastic makes this style ideal for pregnancy, not to mention breastfeeding. And our soft, jersey remnants keep you comfy and cozy all day without sacrificing style. 


The Duster 

Handwoven duster over black maternity maxi dress

Whether going out for a brunch or hanging out at home, our stylish handwoven dusters and long vests will keep you comfy and chic. A free-size style fitting sizes 0-20 - these pieces are flexible in size and look great over a variety of our versatile maternity clothing. Bonus - black maxi dress pictured is coming soon! 


The Wrap 

Handwoven Manina jackets - made from small scraps of recycled fabric

Slightly heavier than the duster - this Manina jacket in the style of a poncho is a great addition to your maternity or year round wardrobe. These pieces are also free-size and fit sizes 0-20. Plus they're handwoven from fabric scraps and it would be hard to find something quite as uniquely beautiful! 


See entire selection of recommended maternity products - and if you happen to have any tonlé styles that you think would be great for maternity - let us know! We'd love to see how you've styled them! 



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